Test Blog Post

I’ve heard it, seen it and “been it” throughout this week – we are all going emotionally stir crazy after over four weeks of COVID 19 life change. “He’s driving me crazy.” “I’m driving me crazy.” “This is driving me crazy.” Protecting our physical selves is taking it’s toll on our mental and emotional selves.

Personally, my chest feels like I’ve been holding my breath way too long. Similar to the memory of sitting at the bottom of the pool as a little girl, criss-cross applesauce, counting seconds (NOT minutes!) to see how long I could hold my breath. My chest would feel pressure, weight, and compression that resonated through my entire torso. I’d scrunch my face, wince my eyes and keep holding the pressure. Then, BAM, extend my legs, push off the bottom of the four foot “deep” section and skyrocket out of the water with my mouth wide open gasping for precious air.